Responsive website design, Norwich

Who are Swerve Media?

Put simply we are the only agency you need to ensure your business creates the right first impression both online and offline.

We are different to most web design agencies

We know that one size does not fit all. In this digital generation there is a tendency for companies to become faceless and robotic and for their websites to look and feel like countless others. We embrace your individuality and believe that your business deserves a bespoke, tailored approach to your website design, branding and marketing strategy. We bring a methodology that is professional and personable, taking the time to get to know you and your requirements.

We love learning. Constant development and adapting to the ever changing environment are at the heart of what we do.  We pride ourselves on constantly evolving and utilising the best tools available to achieve an effective and efficient product. Whatever stage of development your business is at, whether it be a start up or an established business looking to improve and evolve, we can help you move forward.

Mike Amis and Danielle Sands - Swerve Media

Mike Amis

Mike is one of those amazing people who has the capability to integrate both sides of the brain which makes him perfect for the job. He is a dreamer with an incredible imagination and ability to intuitively see the bigger picture. He then has a logical and analytical way of being detail orientated to ensure he is able to make an efficient and effective website.

Danielle Sands

Danielle is creative and intuitive and most definitely a people person. With a background in hospitality and nursing she is all about caring and customer service. Danielle is an NLP master so has a special interest in the study of excellence and the ability to help you reach your objectives and achieve success.

Committed to quality

We are a modern, forward thinking business built on some very simple old fashioned values. We thrive on great communication and building lasting collaborations.

We work with total honesty and transparency with our all of our partners and clients alike. We love nothing more than working on all kinds of creative endeavours and know that each and every project we work on deserves original thinking not templates because there is nothing 'stock' about your business.

We believe in doing great work all of the time and our focus is on making you look the best you possibly can both online and offline. After all, if you look good we look good.