We are confident you will love working with us. Let us show you how we operate.

We know that everyone is unique and so is every project. We also know that at the heart of every great project is a great collaboration. That is why before a single pixel gets pushed we get to know you and everything we can about your project. We don’t just want to build you a great responsive website with jaw dropping photography and conversion boosting written content, we want to build a lasting partnership with you and your business. To achieve this it is crucial that we collectively define your goals, how we become a part of them, what success looks like to you and how it will be measured.

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  • Consultation

    We like to meet you face to face wherever possible, preferably at your place of business. This initial phase is all about getting to know you and your business so we can figure out together the best way to approach the whole project.

    Swerve Media Consultation
  • Research

    After our initial contact with you we will go away and do our homework. We will learn everything we can about your marketplace and competitors, what works in your industry and what doesn't. Combining this research with everything you told us we are now starting to formulate ideas and the basis of our proposal.

    Swerve Media research
  • Design

    With a proposal in place we will start to work on the visual concept and also the architecture of the site or app. We take all our combined research and put it together in a clean, fresh design we think will best represent your business. Thanks to our thorough research and planning we get it right first time a lot.

    Swerve Media design
  • Development

    Once you are completely happy with our concept we will begin building. We build on our own development servers and you have full access all the way through the process. Initially we wireframe the site so we can test the architecture, navigation and overall layout without the visual elements getting in the way. Following on from this phase we begin to add in all of the style elements, content, images and do the more complex programming.

    Swerve Media development
  • Testing

    Following development comes rigorous testing. Our developers will test performance across all modern browsers and as many devices as possible to ensure a consistently great experience. We also make sure the site complies with web standards and any relevant laws as well as being optimised for speed. Independent user testing at this stage is also really useful to pick up on anything that has been overlooked.

    Swerve Media testing
  • Deployment

    This is the process to migrating the website from our development servers to the live environment. The production environment is set to mirror the live environment as closely as possible to minimise surprises at this stage. More testing follows to make sure things like redirects from your old site are working correctly.

    Swerve Media deployment
  • Monitoring

    Just because your website has been deployed and everyone is congratulating themselves doesn't mean the job is done. Far from it in fact. A successful website is one that is constantly evolving and improving. On every project we utilise a range of monitoring tools, in particular Google Analytics to gain insight into traffic volumes and patterns and much more. We use this information to form a strategy with you for constant improvement.

    Swerve Media monitoring