Responsive website design, Norwich

Sound for the web

Use high quality audio to enhance you application and create a more immersive user experience. Used correctly for applications or websites where it is appropriate sound can be an essential part of the picture.

High quality audio recording and sound design can add atmosphere and create an enhanced user experience to your web application, website promo video and radio adverts. Within applications audio is frequently used in conjunction with visual cues as an additional form of feedback to users. It can also improve the accessibility of your website for users with disabilities.

Our two in-house sound engineers will work with your to produce the audio content you need for your project, ensuring it is an enhancement and not superfluous or simply irritating for the user or simply adding to the file size.

Sound Design

Get bespoke sound in your application from our sound designer with experience of working on AAA rated video games. Produced on industry standard hardware and software you can be sure of a unique sound of exceptional quality.

Location Recording

Do you need to capture audio recordings from a corporate event or product launch? Maybe you would like to record customer feedback from product testing or interviews. We have professional grade, portable recording equipment and trained operatives that will capture high quality audio recordings wherever you need.