Responsive website design, Norwich

Your image is everything

The importance of a strong and consistent brand identity cannot be overstated. Your branding can influence people to use your services and buy your products. Making your business recognisable and memorable can significantly contribute to being successful.

Simply having a fancy logo is not going to give you a strong brand image. We consider the impact of colour, font choices, stationery design, industry trends and much more to give you the first impression you need to stand out.

We love working with our clients from the very beginning. We can help you and your business with all aspects of your branding including logo design, choosing your mission statement and creating promotional materials.

Understanding what it is that makes your customers choose your product or service over a competitor's is vital. As well as working closely with you to understand your brand, we will talk to your customers to deliver a brand identity that talks directly to them.

  • Consumer surveys
  • Competitor analysis
  • Planning and strategy
  • Design

Whether you a new business looking to create your identity, or an established business seeking to overhaul a tired logo and brand identity, get in touch with Swerve Media to start making it happen.