Responsive website design, Norwich

Reach the right people

Know your audience and ensure you are reaching them. You need an effective marketing strategy with clearly defined goals and targets if your business is to be seen and heard by the right people at the right time.

Whether you want to attract more visitors to your blog, increase online revenue or boost sales opportunities, you need your website to be found by search engines and customers alike, and digital marketing plays a huge role in this.

Any good strategy begins with thorough research to gain insight in to your business, your competitors, the marketplace and ultimately identify opportunities you may currently be missing.

Content is king

Having well written content on your website is the first step in building a campaign. Search engines are constantly improving the way they analyse the content of websites to ensure they are delivering the most relevant search results to their customers. We can help you to make on site content improvements to sharpen your message and include the key words and phrases your customers are searching for.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The world of SEO is extremely complex and ever changing. There are many factors involved in ranking highly in search results and whilst there is no magic formula for success, there are certainly many straightforward ways to improve your ranking before you get to paid advertising. SEO is very much at the forefront of all our website deign and development. We can also perform a technical SEO website audit on your existing website to ensure that you are ticking all the boxes the major search engines are looking for in terms of site architecture, URL structure, including the correct meta data and use of the latest semantic markup.

Pay per click (PPC)

PPC advertising is a way of using adverts within search engines to generate visits to your website, which you pay for when they are clicked. Google Adwords is by far the largest of these advertising networks and we can create, monitor and constantly update your campaigns. Our extensive keyword and key phrase analysis, as well as investigating your competitors allow us to design targeted adverts and deliver the best possible return on your investment.

Social Media

The power of social networks for sharing content is well documented and used in some form by most people everyday. Integrating social networks with your website and allowing sharing and linking of your content is a great way to drive traffic back to your website. Paid advertising through social media sites is a rapidly growing way to communicate with your customers and works in a similar way to the more established PPC advertising from Google and Bing. Facebook advertising can be in the form of a simple text advert which takes users to your website when clicked, or you might prefer to promote your latest news post to ensure it is shown in the news feed of your target audience. We can help you make informed decisions about the design and timing of your adverts as well as improving your targeting based on the analytics information generated.

Email marketing

We can create beautifully designed responsive emails for your email marketing campaigns which are instantly recognisable as your brand. You can then easily use these templates to share your content or latest news posts with subscribers. Campaigns can be created and managed from your website control panel where you can also view how many people are opening the emails and clicking links.