Create your online identity

Your website is your best opportunity to tell the world about your business. A well designed responsive website is essential to help your customers find you and do business with you. Investing in a carefully planned and executed website is likely to be one of the smartest moves your business makes.

Responsive websites as standard

At Swerve Media we only build responsive websites. That means your website will respond to the size of the users' screen and offer a great user experience to everyone. The way people use the internet has changed and 'one size fits all' websites are no longer a viable option for forward thinking businesses. Whoever your target audience is they will expect your website to work perfectly across all of their devices, large or small, with no compromise on function or performance.

Prioritising user experience

We employ a mobile-first approach to all of our website design, with our focus fully on user experience. In this way you get an intuitive website that is as easy as possible for your users to navigate and engage with. This produces an increase in leads generated and sales made.

We place huge importance on usability testing and will try different approaches to key user interaction areas such as navigation, forms and calls to action, until we find the best solution for your website. Your visitors should be fully focused on your content, not having to think about how to navigate the site or find the information they came for.

Start planning your responsive website today